Responsive Search Ads(RSAs) – A hot topic in 2022

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RSA’s are not new and have been around for a while. RSA has been a part of the PPC ecosystem for a few years. In 2022, RSAs have been a hot topic. What is all the fuss about them now? Why Responsive Search Ads matter

Responsive Search Ads are all about serving the right message at the right time. RSAs allow you to show more customized content to reach your customers, providing a flexible ad experience. The ads adjust your text to match closely what the searcher is looking for. RSA’s can help reduce bulky operations and save time. Up to 15 headlines and up to four descriptions can be provided by advertisers. There are over 40,000 possible ad permutations that can be created with all of these components! A/B tests can help you determine which ad creative is most effective for different queries.

If you haven’t already, get started today by launching RSAs alongside Expanded Text Ads. Some additional best practices to consider when working with RSAs are converting top-performing content from your existing Expanded Text Ads into distinct RSA headlines and descriptions. 

Maximize your potential with RSAs
1) Use top-performing Expanded Text Ads to create distinct RSA headlines and descriptions.

2) There should be at least two to three Responsive Search Ads in all of your ad groups.

3) Your headline and description assets should include top-performing keywords and clear calls to action.

4) Create headlines that are a combination of short and long to maximize character count across all devices.

5) To create more distinct content, avoid repetitive language, and consider additional product or service benefits or features. You can also test a clear call-to-action, and include shipping and return information.

6) Ad customizers, countdown timers, location insertion, and dynamic keyword insertion can take your RSAs to the next level.

7) To provide stronger optimization signals for the RSA algorithm, place the Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag across your website with conversion tracking enabled.

8) The Assets tab contains a wealth of information that can be used to optimize your assets, such as review asset strength, combination reports, and other details.

Search campaigns have taken responsive search ads as their center stage. It is time to wake up and take notice if you were sleeping on RSAs before. Today, start creating RSAs to launch alongside your existing Expanded Text Ads. Happy testing, everyone!


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