Hi! I’m Bijay
The author of digital marketing blog – www.digitalyaar.com. I am a digital marketing enthusiast and love to write and share my knowledge on this subject.

The main purpose of my blog is to provide useful and insightful content to people who want to use digital marketing to grow their businesses. Through my regular blog posts, I want my knowledge to reach more and more people.

I like blogging because it lets me think creatively and lets my imagination run wild through my writing.

I’m giving my research based knowledge and expertise away for FREE because I believe that everyone should have access to valuable information. Each of my blog posts helps business owners to enhance their customer base and generate more revenue using digital marketing techniques.

I just want to add value and create an impact on the world with my knowledge and work.

After completing my Graduation and a post-graduate diploma in Information Technology, I Joined a Web Administrator Job in an education Group. During the jobs I find it enjoyable to do digital marketing jobs assignments and after some time Digital Marketing became my passion. I started learning and executing things by spending extra time after my regular working hours. Consistency and passion helped me gain expertise and now I am able to help people to grow their businesses with digital marketing help articles.

My area of expertise which I gained in my career includes Facebooks Ads, Social Media Management, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, PPC, Email Marketing, Lead Generation along with website designing and management.

Apart from digital marketing, I love to read a lot of books. I also listen to audiobooks whenever get the time.

I am more than happy to connect with you and help you to grow your business with the help of my specified knowledge & skill in Digital Marketing.

Feel free to connect with me at digitalyaar4u@gmail.com or explore my blog at www.digitalyaar.com to find detailed and to-the-point help articles for your successful digital media presence.

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